Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flaunt it Fridays

This week Flaunt it Fridays was Paper Doll Dress-Up Cart, using the Raggedy Ann and Andy cuts.  This was actually perfect for me.  My nephew and his wife are having their first child in a couple of months and their shower is next month.  They don't know what they are having, so I couldn't make anything gender specific.  Soooo what would be better than the classics!  I found some clearance frames at Target (stocked up on them).  I think it turned out cute!


  1. This is SUPER cute! I really love it! Thanks for flaunting it with us at FIF this week!

    Honeybean Creations

  2. Your frame is gorgeous! Your Raggedy Ann and Andy are so cute! What a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing it with us at Flaunt it Fridays :)

  3. I loooove it!!! It's a perfect gift!! Thank you for 'flaunting' your stuff with us at Flaunt It Fridays!!! :)

  4. Your frame is too cute! I love all of the extra little cuts you did too! Thanks for flaunting it at FIF!

  5. What a nice frame! Super cute job and I like all those cuts you used to complement the Raggedy Ann/Andy cuts.
    Thanks for sharing your art with us at Flaunt it Fridays!


  6. I love it when bargains work out! Great job!