Friday, October 14, 2011

Tacky Tuesday Z fold card

I was asked for more information on how to make the Z fold.  I love the design.

It's called a Z fold and is not my design.  I can't remember where I learned it from.  I wrote down the directions and still have to follow them. 
Start with a piece of paper 51/2  x 12.  Score at 2",4",8",10".
Go in at 11/2 from the top cut from 2" to 10"
Go in at 4" from the top cut from 2" to 10"
Fan fold up down up down
Take the middle score line and push in opposite directions.
I've attached pictures at different levels of opening.  I hope this helps!

When folded, it fits into a standard A2 envelope

Tacky Tuesday Challenge and Cardztv Challenge

I don't know if this made it in time, my camera was at the shop being cleaned.  I just picked it up a little while ago.  This was also a tribute to Breast Cancer awareness month. 
I am also entering this into Cardztv challenge.