Friday, October 14, 2011

Tacky Tuesday Z fold card

I was asked for more information on how to make the Z fold.  I love the design.

It's called a Z fold and is not my design.  I can't remember where I learned it from.  I wrote down the directions and still have to follow them. 
Start with a piece of paper 51/2  x 12.  Score at 2",4",8",10".
Go in at 11/2 from the top cut from 2" to 10"
Go in at 4" from the top cut from 2" to 10"
Fan fold up down up down
Take the middle score line and push in opposite directions.
I've attached pictures at different levels of opening.  I hope this helps!

When folded, it fits into a standard A2 envelope


  1. I love your card, it is lovely. thx for the directions, I might try that, but I am very hands on soooooo, oh well, I will try it.

  2. Your card is beautiful. Love the colors and the owl. Someone is going to be very happy when they receive it.

    Carson's Creations

  3. What a fabulous design for your card! Your details are wonderful and all work so well together!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I used a Cuttlebug Distressed Stripes folder to emboss my door card. Sorry the information wasn't in the post. I've just added it now.